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NEW: Download this Shell Script for download, compile and install ARLEKIN plugins from CVS repository

Installation on *NIX like systems:

No available version yet, but you can download this program from CVS repository on

For download, compile and run the latest version of this application follow the next steps:

Downloading Latest Version

To download the latest version from CVS repository, you must execute next two commands:

	~$ cvs login

	~$ cvs -z3 co arlekin

Compiling (for user)

For compile using default options (not yet optimized, but without debug information):

	~$ cd arlekin/

	~/arlekin$ ./

	~/arlekin$ make

Compiling (for developers)

For compile using debug information (and all parameters wanted for compiling all files)

		~$ cd arlekin/

		~/arlekin$ CXXFLAGS='-D__DEBUG' ./

		~/arlekin$ make


To get the complete list of options run:

		$ src/base/arlekin --help

To enter using graphic interface run:

		$ src/base/arlekin --gui

Installing Plugins

ARLEKIN project needs some plugins to be installed to work.

Before execute the GTK interface you must install at least one HASH plugin and one CIPHER plugin, for example MD5 and DES, executing the following commands:

For install each plugin you must run some commands as following:

		~/arlekin$ src/base/arlekin --plugin-install plugin-src/hash/md5/.libs/
		~/arlekin$ src/base/arlekin --plugin-install plugin-src/privkey/des/.libs/		


It's possible that installing CVS versions, some plugins don't work.

To prevent this, you can delete the file "~/.ARLEKIN/plugins.list" and reinstall all the plugins.

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